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Hi, I'm K9-Karma! I've been apart of the Veterinary Field for over 10 years and started training and handling in 2008.

As a licensed Veterinary Technician with a degree in Animal Bioscience and certificates in Animal Behavior, Psychology, Nutrition, and Obedience Training; I have experience and knowledge in diverse animal care settings and I'm committed to educating animal owners on best practices in health and safety. I'm also well-versed in stringently following owner instructions for pet medication, dietary needs and daily care. I have 5 Star Reviews and rated #1 in my area code!

I've showcased, titled, and Championed out multiple dogs in various registries. I volunteer and foster as the Ambassador for the Animal Foundation as well as other foster and rescue programs, where I help rehabilitate and train dogs from surrenders to confiscations so they could become suitable companions to their newly adoptive families. I've worked with organizations that specialize in behavior modification, basic to advanced obedience, law enforcement, service animals, and more. The exposure and experience has lead me to start my own journey and obtain certifications in Canine Behavior and Dog Training.

I primarily work from home with the exception of a few days where I'm called into different clinics or shelters, so I'm flexible with scheduling and provide a safe and secure environment while I'm away! Don't stress, last minute bookings welcome no matter how early or late! We have a custom "Dog Lounge" secured with a extra wide pet gate, crates, futon, dog bed, toys, treats, which is located next to the sliding glass door with supervised access outside with 7ft walls. We have misting system outdoors for the dogs as well as a small dog pool. Our Dog Lounge and Backyard have 24/7 surveillance, as well as our home secured with the best alarm systems. We also have a dog park up the street and a few smaller parks in between. Our neighborhood is safe, beautiful, and a lot of fun to explore!

24/7 Support

You can contact me anytime to book a service or check in on your pet - I will get back to you as soon as possible! My response time averages within minutes, but my standard time is 5:00am to 10:00pm. Don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

Regular Updates

I will update you regularly on your pets well-being during their stay with complimentary photography images! I also text updates on any changes in behavior, medication, or other important requests catered to your pets personal needs.

All Breeds Welcome

As an owner of 4 American Bullies and 1 German Shepherd, I understand the difficulty in finding a quality pet sitter or trainer who understands the breeds. I care for all breed types, including cats, birds, reptiles, exotics, and more.


Accepting New Board-and-Train Clients Starting January 3rd 2020 - Limited Spots Available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time, I have better results with dogs who are trained in my home as they are out of their comfort zone and can be trained in different environments and situations. Dogs are typically more responsive to training and less likely to have any distractions when training is outside of their personal home.

Absolutely, however, please keep in mind that dogs can become stressed out or anxious when seeing their owners and having them leave again, which may distract them from their training. I send updates regularly so you know your dog is in the best care.

Yes, I would first need to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your pets behavior before giving a quote.

Daily training rates start at $30 and pick up from where you left off with their training. 

Not at this time, I’m a firm believer in one-on-one training that will benefit the dog without distraction.

I accept Cash, CashApp, and Zelle. Please keep in mind that once you’ve booked a board-and-train session, funds are non-refundable – but may be transferable for other services.

I do not give refunds after a client has signed up and paid for board-and-train, but I’d be more than happy to offer credit towards future classes and/or services. 

When booking training, I agree, understand, and acknowledge that the elimination or modification of behaviors is not guaranteed. The client acknowledges that dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, breeding, and temperament. Additional training may be necessary if the dog has not completed the first session of board-and-train duration.

Client further agrees to accept responsibility for any damages the above named dog may cause through malicious, aggressive or improper behavior that may occur before, during, or after all services provided by K9-Karma. Furthermore, client agree to comply with the instructions, rules and decisions of the training instructor as it relates to Client or Dog’s ability to safely complete each training session.

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Noose - Board & Train

Progress of Training

Noose started his training January 4th 2020! 

Noose is an 8 month old German Shepherd. He’s incredibly intelligent but also quite stubborn.

Goals: Off-leash training, leash manners, sit, stay, come, and lay down.

Behavior Modifications: Nipping, Leash Reactive, Separation Anxiety and/or Crate Distress, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Panic.

Honey - Board & Train

Progress of Training

Honey started her training January 5th 2020!

Honey is a 7 month old Golden Doodle. She’s very well socialized but has high energy that needs improvement. 

Goals: Leash manners, stop jumping, and house training.

Behavior Modifications: Reduce excitement levels and nipping.

Available! - Board & Train

Progress of Training

Dog information and current level of training and behavior. Example: Knows all basic commands but needs leash training and socialization with other dogs.

Goals: __________________________________

Behavior Modifications: ___________________________________



Prices are subject to change during the Holidays

David H
David HRover Client
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This week-plus stay was the first time we were away from our dogs for more than a few days. I was so pleased to meet Karma and so appreciative that she took care of my dogs while we were away. She was communicative in setting up our drop off as well as keeping us posted (with pics!) on how our dogs were doing while we were away. Our oldest, unfortunately, had gone blind just about two weeks before their stay and Karma gave her special attention (and her meds) to make my dog's stay as comfortable as possible. Just knowing our dogs were in the hands of a caring professional really helped keep my mind at east while we traveled. To pick them up and see what a good time my dogs had enjoyed with Karma made me happy I had boarded with her. Karma will definitely be my first call the next time I need boarding.
Brennan K
Brennan KRover Client
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Picked up our pup and he was smelling good and happy! Karma was extremely pleasant and very prompt with communication, would absolutely use her services again...five stars.
Ronald M
Ronald MRover Client
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So we had a dog sitter planned but last minute they canceled. Every dog owners nightmare. Luckily we found a super awsome sitter on Rover.com Our sitter karma had a spacious house, huge backyard with ample room for your doggies to run and stretch their legs. Not 2mention a huge movie screen that I think they all watch dog movies on.... Whenever she could she send pictures and updates, oh not to mention she had a video cam that you can also check on your furry animal with.... All in all very pleased. 5 -PaWs up here!



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